This is the website of Katherine Soniat; poet, professor, and editor. She teaches in the University of North Carolina at Asheville's Great Smokies Writers Program and currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.
Her latest work A Raft, A Boat, A Bridge from Dream Horse Press (2012) was the runner-up for The Orphic Prize and The Swing Girl from Louisiana State University Press (2011) won the Oscar Arnold Young Award for 2011. A Raft, A Boat, A Bridge was selected as Honorable Mention for the Brockman-Campbell Poetry Award given by the North Carolina Poetry Society. Chard diNiord was the judge - "The poems in Katherine Soniat's new book of poems, A Raft, A Boat, A Bridge, reverberate with personal and global threnodies, apocalyptic alarms, romantic philippics, and marital myths, all of which, like "the dust and air" Cassandra is given to see through, Soniat also divines with stunning verbal velocity."  ... read more (PDF)

From CONNOTATIONS PRESS, NEW POEMS AND INTERVIEW on Soniat's newly manuscript:
THE SECRET WHERE. Read article.

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